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Re: Question Regarding international freelancing

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Tianxin W Member Since: Jun 19, 2018
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Hello guys,


I'm a Chinese citizen. I have been working in the US for past 3 years with my H1B visa. I quit my job and left the US about 1 month ago due to personal reasons. And I lost my H1B visa status too. It means I'm just a Chinese citizen now. Currently, My compnay/client still want to work with me as a part time contractor/consultant. Looks like UpWork is a great option but I still have some questions want to ask.


My question will be

1. Do I need to fill tax to IRS for my income after I leave United States?
2. If I do it with UPWork, is there any benefit for my situation and my company/client?

3. I heard as long as I'm not in the US as a non US resident, I don't have to report any tax to the US, is that right?


Thanks a lot and really appreciate it!



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Tosin K Member Since: Jun 19, 2018
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1. NO. 

2. Several benefits. Now, you can even work with more clients from all over the world and you get paid in your own country. So you will really need to file tax with your country. 

3. Yes 100%.