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Question on Interview

I am newer to Upwork and still learning the ropes. I completed my first job a few days ago and submitted a proposal for another one.  The client contacted me asking if I have time to speak this week which I replied with my availability.  The client then told me the time they would like to meet and said to "Please send an invite and google meet link to (insert their company email address).  It is a legit company email as I looked up the company.  My question is shouldn't the discussion be taking place on the Upwork platform as opposed to sending a google link to the client's personal work email?  Looking for a little direction. Thanks in advance.

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Yes, all communications should be on Upwork prior to being hired. With that said, the client my be new to Upwork and not understand the TOC's. If they are unwilling to use the platform it is most likely a scam.

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