Quick questions about cover letters

What do you put down here?

Is it ok to ask questions in the cover letter?

should they be short or long?


So far i have just been saying a little about myself and some small parts tailored to whoever im trying to get to hire me at the time.But i keep thinking i should add more but in all honesty i am new here and my professional experience is rather lacking.


a small example would be great.


Nobody can really give you an example because it's different for every industry/freelancer/job.


In your industry, you might want to talk a bit (briefly) about your experience that relates specifically to the job, and/or to briefly describe your process.


Note the repeated use of "briefly". 


Don't waste a lot of space repeating what's in your profile--talk only about what's most relevant to the job. 


You can ask questions in a sense, but remember that the client is receiving a proposal, so the proper format for that might not precisely be questions. You might say something like "bid is tentative pending more information about your timeline and the number of whatevers you need whatevered."


Do not use formal greetings to begin your proposal, as the client sees only the first couple of lines in the preview, so you want to get something attention-catching in the beginning rather than wasting it on pleasantries.


You may also want to revise your profile to take out the statement that you don't have a lot of paid experience in this arena and also to delete the sentence about often being able to see what works and doesn't--it makes the process sound sort of hit-or-miss instead of a professional process you have developed.



thanks for the tipsSmiley Happy


can already see one problem i made with my cover letters, i have some space at the top for a formal greeting so depending on how many lines are visible id wager most of my message is cut off.


i just revised my profile description to be more positive of my skills.


another quick question though: is there anyway to edit an already submitted cover letter?



Hi Sean, 


You may also want to check out these resources that the team compiled to help you get started and be successful on the platform. 

Good luck!

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@Sean B wrote:


another quick question though: is there anyway to edit an already submitted cover letter?


 This is feature that's been requested for years but never adopted. So the choices are to take your chances with the original letter, or withdraw your proposal and submit a new proposal, at the cost of 2 additional connects.

"No good deed goes unpunished." -- Clare Boothe Luce

To the question about whether you can ask questions. First, I would make sure the client didn't already include other questions of their own in sections where your question can better be asked. Sometimes they even add sections asking if there are any questions. If not, you can ask questions in the cover BUT make them insightful. I would not ask high-level questions in the cover but rather those that show you have both read what they are looking for and have thought about it for more than a few seconds. Perhaps ask a question that shows you really do understand your space and hopefully it is something that makes them think or provides them with an insight or angle they may not have thought about. You are selling yourself and your services in the cover. You are not iterating over design or scope in the cover.  Be relevant, knowledgeable, and professional. Asking the right questions in the right way can be an advantage in the cover and make you stand out.

I am a client.


When you send a proposal for one of my jobs, your cover letter should be about ME.


And it should be about my project.


And about how you will help me with my project.


I do not want to read about you in the cover letter.


If I want to know more about you, I can click on your name and read your profile page.

Thanks for the info.

Guess il just bite the bullet and spend the extra connects.