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Re: Availability Badge issue

Hey Nikola , Hope you're well. Can you please help me answer my query ?

My client is not ending the contract as he is not availabe ,  i haven't found him online after i gave him all the required projects files. So, i want to know , will upwork automatically cancel this contract ? Or, should i myself end it ? Even if , i did , or left it as it is , then will there be any impact of the action of JSS ? Please clarify , & advise on what should be best for me to do in this situation!



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Adnan,


I would be happy to help. If you are working with a client and they become unresponsive for a long period of time, you may want to stop working on the project and wait for a response.


On an hourly contract, you have the option to end your contract with an unresponsive client. We will invoice the hours that you already logged as usual, but you shouldn’t expect any other further payment on the ended contract. Even if your client fails to pay you for the hours you invoiced, you will still be paid if you are eligible for Upwork Hourly Protection.


On a fixed-price contract, if you end the contract, you forfeit any funds that remain in escrow. Instead, we recommend that you complete your last milestone and submit the work for payment before you end the contract. If your client fails to respond to your submission, we will automatically release the funds after 14 days. If they respond but refuse the work and you believe that you have completed the work according to the agreed terms, you have the option to file a dispute.

You can find more information in this help article


If no further work needs to be done, you can consider asking your clients to close them or go ahead and close them yourself. Please, note that when you close a contract, the client is notified and will have 14 days to provide their feedback on the contract. If no feedback is provided on the contract by them, it will not have an impact on your score. You can find more information here

You can find more information about what can affect your Job Succes Score in this help article

~ Nikola
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