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Re: Need help. About proposal

Hi, my name is Abib. It has been almost a month since I got on upwork and submitted 6 proposals for jobs but none replied ,can you help me check my proposal letter?
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You can check your proposal letter by click on the "{Number} proposals submitted" link on your feed page. 


Further advice that may help you:


- Don't worry so much about past proposals. I consider myself a relatively successful freelancer and I still submit dozens of proposals before I ever get a response. Just keep moving forward, keep applying. Messaging people you've already contacted to "check in" often doesn't yield any results - at least in my experience. 


- To polish your query letters, I would reccommend creating a separate document with various templates that you can adjust for each job. This will help you perfect your lanugage without using up too much time on each proposal. 

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