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Re: Received an email for client being inactive!

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Nawazish H Member Since: Oct 17, 2020
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So I got hired for a small task few months back, client told me what he needs and after that day he never came online back again, a week back I received an email from Upwork, asking me to contact my client or this project will be closed, amount in escrow will be refunded back to client. Before this email, I already tried contacting the client multiple times but no response. 


Now I want to know what to do here? Do I just submit 80% of the work that he asked for and for remaining he never showed up? and submit it for payment in the milestone? or I just leave it like this? If so will it effect my JSS, considering I do not take any action and then refund the amount back as well which is in the escrow? Considering its not my fault if he never showed up back. 


My main concern is, I do not want this to effect my JSS! 

Joanne Marie P Moderator Member Since: Nov 26, 2017
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Hi Nawazish,


It seems like you are referring to a Fixed Price Contract. For Fixed-Price contracts, you submit your work using the "Submit Work for Payment" button. The client has 14 days from the most recent submission on a milestone to review and approve or request changes. If your client doesn't respond to any milestone submission within 14 days, the deposit is automatically released to you. Here's the help article for more information. 


Fixed-price contracts with money in escrow and no activity for 90 days will be considered “dormant.” This prevents money from being held in escrow for too long. Please see section 4 of the Fixed-Price Escrow Instructions for details on how dormant contract situations are resolved.

To avoid a dormant contract, we recommend keeping a current milestone’s deadline within 90 days.



~ Joanne
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Nawazish H Member Since: Oct 17, 2020
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It was not fixed I believe, I see option to submut work for milestone and get amount from escrow for that milestone.


The problem is work is 80% done as client told in the first meeting, after that he never came back online.


Now what should I do? Should I submit that work? or leave this to Upwork as they said they will close it if no more activity is done on the project.



Goran V Moderator Member Since: Mar 24, 2017
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Hi Nawazish,

Unfortunately, I can't advise you about the actions you should take. Feel free to take the actions that you're most comfortable with and proceed further with your contract. Thank you.

~ Goran