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Refunds will affect my job success score?

Hi all,

I'm here today to ask you something. It has never happened to me but im wondering if someone has had an issue with @refunds, affecting the JSS? Thank you!

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A refund will usually at most drop the Job Score by 3%.

Thanks for the heads-up. I wasn't too aware of that. I take notes.

This is completely incorrect. 

sure it does affect your jobscore.


A refund in itself doesn't affect your JSS, but if a client is requesting a refund, they're clearly not happy with your work and could give you bad private feedback. The percentage is determined by factors such as the budget for the project and how many other completed contracts you have, so it's not correct to say that it'll drop your JSS by 3%.

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I wasn't too aware that a refund can touch my JSS until now. THANKS Upwork community for helping us get more familiar with the platform. 

It is not true at all. Don't believe everything you read!!!

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Yes it will affect your JSS for sure.



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This happend to me:

"Hello Mišo Ždinjak,


We recently found evidence of fraudulent activity from a client that you were working with, G*** S******. We’ve suspended your client which ended your contract. Any available funds were also reversed from your account back to the payment method.


We’re sorry for the inconvenience but we reviewed your contract and it is not eligible for Upwork's Payment Protection. Fixed price contracts are also not covered under our policy.


Thank you for your understanding.


Upwork Trust & Safety"


So I've lost my already approved money, but did not affect my JSS.

No, refunds to not impact your JSS at all. In your case, though, it was not a refund initiated by yourself, but still, no effect on JSS at all. 

The refund itself has no impact on the JSS, but doesn't the private feedback have an impact?


There is so many bad info circulating that I am starting to question the good one 😉

LOL Sophie, I am trying to be VERY precise in my answers to not confuse anybody more than they already are.

Yes, still the same, private feedback does impact JSS. But refunds and feedback are still unconnected. If the freelancer refunds a certain amount, or all, the client might be happy and leave good private feedback. Or not. So both outcomes are entirely possible. 

Also, a refund does not mean the job has ended, so there might be no impact at all at that time.

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Personal Experience!

It was my third job, and some how there was a misunderstanding between me and client. The mistake was from client's side but he doesn't wanted to end the contract and put the case in dispute so he requested me if we can end the job successfully and and later on I refund his money.

I agreed and refunded his money and my JSS was 100% right after one week. So refund does not effect your JSS.

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I have faced the same problem. For misunderstanding with my client provide me poor feedback. And my JSS go under 88% from 100%; also remove my "Top rated" badge. Now, I'm willing to return all the fund to my client. I search various article and, confused, what I should do. If I return all the fund, can it recover my JSS or Not?

Hi Ibrahim,


Refunds don’t directly impact JSS, however a refund may mean the client is unsatisfied and this may be reflected in their feedback which can impact JSS. Also, contracts with $0 earned and positive feedback will be excluded from JSS.


Thank you,


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