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Regarding getting work



I am Jiten and I am new to upwork. I have prepared my Upwork profile and I tried to get work of Documentation and technical writing, but somehow I am not getting any response from any clients. Kindly help me or guide me to get my first Upwork. How can I easily approach clients and get work? I am in a need of Job. Please kindly help me.


Thanking you,


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Hi, I recommend you to work on your profile, and keep applying to jobs that relevant to your skill. It takes months for most of us to get our first contract, so the same thing could happen to you. There's a lot of freelancers already with more experience and great client feedback. So, it may take a little time, don't be disappointed, keep trying. 

Saymon Hossain
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Hi Jitten and welcome to UpWork, I would suggest you to pay attention on what exactly the client request and when apply to give him example with similar jobs, tasks you already completed. Also its important to not go for the big projects but instead follow easy tasks and low budget projects, once you get your first feedback things will get easier.


You should follow next tips in order to land your first job:

1. Take some UpWork Tests to prove your qualifications

2. Take small tasks/projects initially

3. Show the client you really know what you are doing by presenting similar projects/tasks

4. Always aim to make your client happy even if you don't get paid as expected in first place

5. Never give up


Best of luck,


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The main problem with your profile is that I read the entire thing and when I was done I still had no idea what it is you are trying to do on Upwork. I had to read back up to find the line about writing.


Most clients won't read the whole profile even once.


The profile needs to clearly state up front what you can do for a client and why they should hire you.


Second problem: It appears you are trying to get work as a writer but your English is not good enough for most clients to consider hiring you at your profile rate.


Third, consider this paragraph in your profile:


"Currently i am working in a pharmaceutical industry as a formulation scientist. I have keen interest in formulation development in pharmaceutical industry. my monthly salary is 25000 INR per month. I do have skills in a medical writing also and i am well aware about the medical terminologies. So i am looking for the hourly based work which can help me to utilize my free time."


This paragraph will turn off many clients even ignoring the other two serious issues:


1. "my monthly salary"  --> He's already employed full time, he's going to be too busy to get my work done.


2. "25000 INR per month." --> He's working for less than $400 a month, why would I pay $22 an hour?


3. "help me to utilize my free time." --> He's not client-oriented, and he doesn't take this seriously, it's just a pastime for him.


Those assessments may not be fair, but clients very often are not fair. They are here to get things done, and if you give them that many excuses to pass you over, they will.



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Hi Jiten,


I agree with what Charles said, there's no back-up showing that you want to work as a medical writer. Your employment history is just 4 months. University degrees aren't all that on here, it's about experience and what you can show the client.


I would advise you to add experience in medical writing somewhere, to boost the 4 months employment. And rewrite your profile. You would need to state that you are a medical writer, maybe list particular subgenres such as pharmacy, chemicals, research... and mention what languages you are writing in. 


Do not mention you work full-time or your salary. This isn't a classical resume. 


I hope that helps,



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