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Regarding order

Hello everyone, I want to kow why I did not get a single order yet?

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It's completely normal to have questions when you're just starting out on Upwork. Landing your first order can be a bit challenging, but it's certainly possible with the right approach. Here are some tips that might help:

  1. Optimize Your Profile: Make sure your Upwork profile is complete and showcases your skills and expertise. Use a professional photo and write a compelling and concise overview that highlights your strengths and what you can offer to clients.

  2. Select a Niche: Consider specializing in a specific niche or skill set that you excel in. This can help you stand out among other freelancers and attract clients looking for your particular expertise.

  3. Write a Strong Proposal: When applying for jobs, take the time to craft personalized and well-written proposals. Address the client's needs and explain how you can provide value to their project. Be concise and professional in your communication.

  4. Lower Your Rates Initially: While you're building your reputation on Upwork, it can be helpful to offer competitive rates to attract your first clients. As you gain positive reviews and experience, you can gradually increase your rates.

  5. Build a Portfolio: If possible, create a portfolio of your work that potential clients can review. This can help showcase your skills and build trust.

  6. Apply for Relevant Jobs: Be selective in the jobs you apply for, and focus on those that align with your skills and experience. Tailor your proposals to each job posting.

  7. Be Patient: Landing your first order might take some time, but don't get discouraged. Keep applying for jobs, improving your profile, and refining your approach. Persistence often pays off.

  8. Network and Connect: Engage with the Upwork community by participating in discussions, forums, and groups related to your field. Networking can lead to valuable connections and job opportunities.

Remember that success on Upwork takes time and effort. It's a competitive platform, but with dedication and continuous improvement, you can start landing orders and building a successful freelance career. Keep learning, adapting, and applying for jobs that align with your skills, and your breakthrough will come.

Really helpful. Thanks. 

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I have been on Upwork for quite a while, and it has been very hard to get work. You have only been on this platform a few days! The only jobs I have gotten are jobs I pursued. No one approached me and asked me to work for them.


Also, look at your profile very carefully. I would use standard capitalization and not all lowercase. Watch out for typos. If you are a proofreader, your profile has to be perfect. I see two issues, both under "employment history." One is the wording under "proofreading" and the other is that "teacher" is misspelled. Be consistent as well: proofreader, translator, teaching assistant. 

Good luck!



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Thanx alot.

Tayyba, I read part of your assignment on leather; there are multiple grammatical errors. Those should be removed if you want to get proofreading assignments. 

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