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Registered since Jan 2017, now come back to be actively, ready to start taking on new jobs

Been in this platform 5 years back but never been serious. Now I came back to building up my profile and to start earning.


Feeling glad that I'm earning my connect credit actively into this account so I can use to hunt the @Find Work.


Any advice to secure my first job? Hopefully I'll not burned out hunting without landing a job, maybe can get excellent guidance from experienced community members here..


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Cool. Welcome back. The thing is not to get burned out after searching for your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and so on, job.

Although I don't do it, usually, (and the vast majority of high-earning freelancers don't it, too), I will offer just this once one particular special piece of advice. Pay extra attention:


  • Think of your Upwork profile as an actual business. Don't ever think of Upwork (or other freelance platforms) as just places to pitch for jobs. On the contrary. Create buyer personas, find a target audience, use actionable and measurable metrics, consider inbound marketing, offer a complete solution to your prospects, and be the master of your sales funnel. Also, being S.M.A.R.T., and finding fun in flywheels can really help you break into the platform. Plus, do understand freelancing is highly competitive, and if you want to make it, you really have to position yourself as the best in what you do.

Now go and make your first million.

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Thank you for your admireable advice & aspiration..

Your profile look marvellous indeed. Glad to know about your journey and inspired me.

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No problem. My profile might look good but I do have a dry period. Meaning I need to re-think/re-consider the way I approach clients. What I'm saying is everyone will have trouble finding quality work at some point! 

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Use another profile picture, like us ✌️

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