Rejected Profile

Hi all,


Thanks for taking the time to help me out. I'm new to UpWork and have just landed my first job (!) and had no trouble making an account. I quickly called up my brother who has been unemployed but a bit and convinced him to give it a try. Unfortunately, his application was denied. He does have a strong educational and professional background, though of course I understand that the pool of applicants is substantial. He recieved an e-mail explaining why his profile wasn't accepted but I found it to be a bit broad. 


Since he has the change to re-submit it, I'm wondering if anyone has any solid advice on how he could make his profile more appealing? Is there certain phrasing you might have used that changed their mind? Or perhaps adding more information? More tests? A better profile photo? 


I'm not sure. Anythings helps! 


Thanks again.


One of my friend's applications was rejected too. The reason was because of her skills being too general and there were enough freelancers on UpWork who already covered those subjects. 


So maybe highlight the USP a bit more? Good luck!


"I THINK" Upwork review process goes through two steps:

-In first step, bot checks whether skills you added and keywords your profile has have demand on upworks or not, it also checks whether profile is 100% complete, so make sure he has uploaded portfolio and has targeted skills which have more demand on upwork but less compition (remember to only target skills which he can actually work on).


-After getting approval by bot, manual reviewers review profile and check if your profile title and description will  get you job or not, if they think your profile is capable of getting job on their marketplace then they approve your profile.