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Hi all. We all have a profile photo. Why are job providers refusing to place one too? It is quite annoying not to see them. Your name is fully written, while theirs is not. They only mention their first name. Why are they hiding? If they have a company, why is that also a secret? If you have an interview, it seems that you are communicating with a wall. I don't get this behavior. Regards and thank you for reading.

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Clients may post a profile photo of themselves, or not.

As a freelancer, you are NOT required work for clients who don't post photos of themselves.


I DO NOT WANT clients and freelancers to be treated equally.


For example:
Clients PAY ME money.

I don't pay clients money.


That is a one example of how things are not the same.

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There are often a number of different people working on a client account with the freelancers they hire, or new people coming in, etc. So no, there is rarely a 1:1 ratio between a freelancer and a client, so it would make no sense to have specific pictures as a requirement.

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