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Removing Specific Terms From Searches

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Ryan R Member Since: May 23, 2017
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I'm searching for content writing gigs, but every time I search I come across a ton of gigs that are either for ghostwriters or e-book writers. I'm not interested in either of those kinds of projects, but it's a hassle to click "Not Relevant" on every single one.


My clicking "Not Relevant" also doesn't seem to change future results; on top of that, some clients post 10-15 jobs in a row about essentially the same thing with a minor variation (for example, there will be 10 posts titled "E-Book Writer Needed For ______," and each one will be a slightly different theme. 


Is there a way to exclude specific terms from my search results so I don't have to wade through so many posts that are not of interest to me? I tried adding "-e-book," but it didn't seem to do anything.