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Repeated Rejection of Profile


One of my friends created an Upwork profile a couple of weeks ago, and is still waiting for approval. Despite having a comprehensive profile, his requests for approval have been rejected at least four times in last month without any mention of particular reasons of disapproval. He has ample experience in his field, and earnestly wants to contribute in the Upwork community using his skills. Please review his profile and approve, if possible, as soon as possible.


His profile is registered under the following email address: **Edited for Community Guidelines**



Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Umar,

We can`t share details for another user with you.
Please note that only a small percentage of freelancers have their registration accepted upon resubmission. We accept new freelancers based on the demand in the marketplace, which varies over months (not days).

~ Goran
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