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Request Refund from Escrow? Taken from Pending?

Hi, I am very confused with the payment system. I completed (albeit a very small) amount of work and I was asked for a refund from Escrow. I didn't think I need to do this but the client kept requesting it so I did it. Now I have zero pending in the reports and I believe I've just refunded the amount I got paid for the work and did and not the Escrow amount.

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Hello Victoria,


I just checked your account and I could see that you gave a refund (your earnings from the contract) to your client. You may also check it on your contract and transaction history for more information. Thank you.

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@Victoria M wrote:

but the client kept requesting it so I did it.

This is almost never a good reason to do something, whether we're talking about Upwork, buying a used car, or dating.


It sounds like you were indeed confused. You contrast the money you were to be paid for your work with the "Escrow amount," when in fact they are the same thing.


The client puts in escrow the money the contract calls for you to be paid for doing the work. You do the work, submit it properly through Upwork, and that money in escrow is released to you as your pay.


When a client requests a refund, what they're in effect saying is, "I don't want to pay you because you didn't in fact satisfactorily complete the job. I want to take the money back from escrow rather than have it go to you. Do you agree?" When you approve that request, you're in effect saying, "I agree. I shouldn't be paid. That money should go back to you rather than be paid to me."


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