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Requesting Payoneer Card via Upwork but also for receiving payments outside Upwork on payoneer

Hi There,

I'm a freelancer and I was checking the possibility to Request the payoneer card Via Upwork.


How it works the process to request the payoneer card for Europe (Upwork)? I would like to request the card without using a bank account.


As I understand, If I request the card directly with Payoneer I'm forced sign up and to link my request giving and linking my bank account where I am living in Europe, but my idea is to request one with Upwork without a bank account. Is that possible?


My second question is if I get the Payoneer card via Upwork, can I receive payments from other Clients and companies even if they don't work with Upwork?


Thanks a lot for your help,


Community Member

Hi Carlos,


The issuance of a Payoneer card can only be requested directly from Payoneer. You may contact Payoneer Care Center for more details about your inquiry as we have limited information on our end.


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