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Resubmit Proposal

hi there! i just started using Upwork and got my first propsal accepted (woohoo!). here's the problem: since i'm new to thi site & freelancing, i did not know you had to accept a contract and last time I had looked at that part of the site with my client, it was under "active proposals". my client (who is very nice and understands i'm completely new to this, thankfully) noticed it the job was cancelled even though neither of us had cancelled it and had still been working together on the project (it said "cancelled by client" when i checked but he thinks UpWork may have automatically cancelled since it wasn't accepted). Is there a way I can resubmit the proposal so I can continue working with this client and get paid?


Hi Allison,


I checked and it looks like the initial offer sent by the client has expired. You might want to request from your client that they hire you under a new job post so that they can send you a new offer. 

~ Joanne
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