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Rethinking the platform

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is this site like Fiverr? 

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I'm starting to feel the same way.

I have connected with some clients but it seems like many of them just want you to open accounts, buy products or leave false reviews.

It does look like some people make money here so I'll just treat it like a hobby for now.

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It's not a scam because I just got paid yesterday. It depends on what you apply for and how you apply for it.

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Having been here since Upwork was born, I haven't ever been scammed, by a client or by the platform.  I suggest you read everything posted in Academy (above) about how to write your profile, how to write a good proposal, and most importantly, finding a niche that is suited to your skills.

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I've done over 450 jobs here. None of them were "microtasks" - I exercise my free will and don't apply for those types of jobs in the first place - and I've never even come close to being scammed. 


Your profile says that you're a writer, but you have nothing whatsoever in your portfolio. It's pretty difficult to take someone seriously if they say that they're a writer, but it looks like they've never written anything. Do you think that might be the problem, instead of Upwork being "a complete scam"? 

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