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Return of Arbitration Fee if Respondent Does Not Pay?

What happens to the arbitration fee paid by the Arbitration Plaintiff if the Arbitration Respondent fails to file his or her portion of the fee? I have seen sone responses to questions about the arbitration process that the fee would be returned to the Arbitration Plaintiff, but I don’t see that anywhere in the text of the Fixed-Price Escrow Instructions.

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Nathan - If the dispute process esclates to arbitration and either the client or freelancer fails to respond/pay the arbitration fee, then the other party (who did pay the fee) will get that fee back plus all of the funds in escrow. 

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Thank you. Is that stated somewhere in the actual Fixed-Price Escrow Instructions that I’m missing (or some other document)? Or is it just something that’s inferred based on the fact that the arbitration never took place under such a scenario?

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