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Rights to art

I am getting someone to illustrate my local beach from a photograph for my online store which is all about the city I live in. Am I allowed to sell it as a print even though I didn’t actually draw it? I am going to put a border around it and writing under it the name of my city and the name of the beach. I am paying for it and asking for exclusive rights but I don’t want to put the artist’s name on it. Is this allowed?

*note, I am not putting my name on it either so I’m not claiming that I drew it either
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You are certainly allowed to ask for exclusive rights to the artwork, although it is unnecessary to do so.


Upwork's default contract is VERY clear. Clients obtain all rights to the work that they pay for.


Unless you and the freelancer create a separate additional contract or agreement, then it is Upwork's default contract that is in effect.


Are you allowed to sell prints of the artwork?



Do you need to include the artist's name or give the artist credit?


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