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Rising Talent Achievement

I got 30 connects for "Rising Talent Achievement". I didn't get any notification about it, but accidentaly noticed I have more connects than usual. Can someone explain what is this feature and how does it work?

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In brief, it means that your profile is solid and you are doing the right things as a new freelancer. Your Rising Talent badge would be displayed to prospective clients who evaluate your proposals or find you in their search results, and is meant to highlight your potential to them. Try to maintain it and build on it. You can find more info here: Rising Talent – Upwork Customer Service & Support | Upwork Help

Thanks, I thought this was only once they give you 30 connects if you are rising, but seems it can happen more often, as in my case.

Wait, what do you mean "more often"?

I mean that I did receive 30 connects once I became a rising talent, and I received it again yesterday in my status as a raising talent, I did have some interviews and offers in the meanwhile, so perhaps it is that, which is why I asked the community what is the criteria and when are these awarded.

Oh you didn't mention that in your original post, correct? Anyway, sorry I don't have an explanation for that; seems very strange to me.

Yes, this is why I asked for the specific criteria, maybe admin will reply concretely. 

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