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Rising Talent/Top rated

When will i become a top rated/ Rising talent Badge?/

I have completed almost 5 jobs from different clients and also earned $1K. Some 3 more jobs are ongoing...

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Probably not Rising Talent.


You'll soon have a JSS.


Top Rated? Read here

Soon means 1 week/1month/1day?

To understand what "Soon" means, you need to read Melissa's reply as well as the link I posted.


Good luck!


@Rajan K wrote:

Soon means 1 week/1month/1day?


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To be top rated you must have a Job Success Score. And you must keep that score above 90% for 13 consecutive weeks. If you dip below 90%, you have to wait for those weeks you were below 90% to roll out of the window.

It took me about five months to be top rated. But for some it takes less time or longer. It depends.
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