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Rising Talent, how???

I have completed my profile, I daily submit proposals but I can't get the job because in 95% of job posts, they ask for Rising Talent or JSS 90%+. I have passed the Upwork Readiness test, when will I became Rising Talent.

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They will give you that rising talent badge automatically if you are qualified. Your profile pic is great for Facebook and DeviantArt, but this site is more like Linkedin. You need higher rate and better portfolio pieces. Also, specify your major (education part of your profile). Finally, you are not available 24/7, even if you are. 

Thanks Nats !!!

How do they qualify Rising Talent? What are the requirements?

Hi Rhonda,


Please, refer to this help article for the list of requirements for Rising Talent program.

~ Valeria
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Hey, how can I take the test?


EDIT: I already took it. It is on the test section. My bad.

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Uros, you really need to get dressed.

And it wouldn't hurt to add more detail about your studies. What degree you're pursuing?

Interesting portfolio lol

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Please help me !

I'm not able to receive any response from any of the clients and I'm consistently trying to bid on so many things in my respective domain. Why does it happen?


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Delete website design from your services. Instead of using some random bullet points, try to actually write your overview. Delete "hobby" as well; rephrase description "website for my classmates" (if you want to keep it there at all).  

Hide all tests that are below average or above average, but not top 10%, 20%, 30%. Your portfolio piece "research paper" needs better formatting and better look overall. Another portfolio piece sounds like you are advertising free google tools & services (its description). Add more about your fellowship. It is not clear whether you offer SEO, business writing, or website design and your portfolio, as it is now, doesn't really help.

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*Also, your title, change "freelancer" and describe what you do/are (SEO/SEM, marketing assistant or something else, just don't leave it generic, especially considering the type of service you offer). I would add at least two sentences that are not bullet points in your overview, if I were you. Great changes, by the way, in a very short time! Good luck!

Interesting portfolio in a good way or in a bad way?

Can you check my profile again, is it better now?

Thanks 🙂

Yes, check your inbox here (log in, top right corner, click envelope). 

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