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Rising Talent was removed

Hello everyone! This is Usman. 


I had a rising talent batch on my profile. Recently I was handling a few projects at the same time, this was the reason I was not sending new proposals and most of the time I even remain offline on Upwork. Recently, I received an email from Upwork that my Rising Talent was removed due to not sending proposals and not being online.


I have completed 4 jobs for now, and have no job success score on my profile yet. Now, without rising talent, from my plus profile, I am sending the same/valuable proposals to new jobs but I am not receiving any response on my proposals. I am a bit worried that maybe I can't get any job now!


I have two questions for now,

1. Is it possible to get rising talent back? If yes, how?

2. Is it still possible to get hired in my case, without rising talent?


Looking forward to hearing from you guys,


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You have a job with 3.50 stars and one with no feedback. That's the main reason why your rising talent left you without leaving a letter. By the way, you don't need a showy badge to get new jobs. I never got that 'shining' rising talent badge, and I still get new jobs and interviews. My badge is my knowledge. Anyone or anything can't block you if you believe in yourself. Keep going and smile. 🙂

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