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[Romania] Having a hard time setting up my tax and payment information using my registered company

Hello Romanians,


So I've recently decided to use Upwork albeit having an account for years. I'm a freelance product designer and I'm working through my registered company in Romania. I'm having a few issues and I'm really frustrated since Upwork doesn't provide much info on how to solve these in my particular case:


1. I'm being asked for a VAT ID, and after asking my accountant, they said I should use my intra-community CIF (ROXXXXXXXX), but it gets declined by Upwork.

2. I'm trying to link my company's bank account as a payment method, and I'm unsure what documents to upload. The registration certificate doesn't state the founder/admin's name on it. The only place where my name appears is under the "Founders" section in my article of incorporation.

I would be forever thankful for whoever is able to help me with some insight. I can't seem to reach a human being at Upwork either 😞


Thank you!


Hi Cosmin,


I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble setting up your VAT and bank account. I checked and it looks like you have a couple of support tickets with our team regarding this. Please allow some time for our team to review and they will assist you further. If you have any further questions please feel free to update your ticket with our team as they are the ones who can best assist you.



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