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Salam UpWork

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Khaled A Member Since: Jan 24, 2021
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Salam UpWork (it's a way of greeting in Arabic meaning Peace be upon you),

I'm Khaled, 20 years old creative from Alexandria, Egypt. I'm excited to begin my freelancing journey and be able to do the thing I love, which is logo design and branding, beside majoring in computer engineering. 

I really love how UpWork's team has put so much effort in shaping the new users experience, I've read all the Getting Started tutorials and it looks like UpWork has all the tools to help new comers, I thought I would do my own research on youtube and google but I'm happy it was easy for me.

That's it, just checking in. I hope this new experience becomes a delightful experience for me.

Wish me luck!



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Kamarudheen C Member Since: Jan 16, 2021
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Good luck Khaled ! wishing you a very successful career on Upwork.

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Shoeb I Member Since: Sep 21, 2019
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Hey Khaled,
Welcome to Upwork, nice to see you onboard. Hope you have a great experience in here.

Good Luck