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Saturation in freelancing

Trying hard to share my skills with someone on Upwork 

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Hi Muzamil - You're right, Upwork has way too many freelancers with basic photo editing skills, so it's probably the most difficult category for finding work right now. I think that those types of jobs will disappear completely within the next few years because it's getting easier and easier for people to edit their own photos. My best advice is to learn a different skill.


It is a common perception that the increasing use of technology and automation in various industries has led to the disappearance of many jobs that were previously done by humans. Some experts argue that this trend will continue and may even accelerate in the future, leading to significant changes in the job market and the way people work.

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Working online is a lifestyle choice. Not about money. If you are serious about making money, of course you won't try doing it as a photo editor.

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Yes there are about 10,000 new freelancers on the site per day so it's becoming saturated. How did you learn about Upwork and why did you join? Thanks!

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