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Save me! Help me!

Hi, Upwork set my profile to private, can I still apply to jobs and can new client see my proposal as well as my private profile, if they can't see my profile, i am sure they would not hire me? is there any benefit of setting profile to private?
I submitted many different proposals to various jobs, but I have not received any response from clients, this is very frustrated, i need money to survive, i am 33 years single man, i am feeble and old age, i am going under chest pain, i have no money to buy medicine, in next few days i might have problems buying food too, i am not begging for money, i just want to work hard, i just need money for my work, nobody is understanding my feelings, i cannot marry because i am failure, please have mercy on me, make me an employee of Upwork, I can do any type of data entry work if you give me clear instructions, i can write articles, product uploading, typing etc. I am a quick learner as well. my present situation is very bad.
No client is giving me single opportunity I tried very much, please join me with you team i.e. Upwork, I am trusted freelancer, please talk with Upwork manager about my situation, i am sure their heart is very big, they can do something for me, God will make your family happy, I am again not begging, i just want work to earn money, please under my situation, i have no parents, no one in this world care for me, people like me should die immediately, i am shameless still alive, no work, no money, but still struggling, there are some more facts about me, but it will take more time, so please help me any way to earn money only for food, i just want food, just food that's why i need money, give me a video call see my situation how i am living, please help me, help me, give me work give me work, help me help me, give me work, i want to work, i want to work, hope you will help and save me.

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Yes, clients will still see your proposals. 


It's the search engine that your profile will not show in.


It will show again once you either earn money, upgrade to the Premium account, or perhaps ask a mod to make it public again.


Calm down. You can still earn money, OK? Clients will see your proposals--those are not hidden. 


You might consider trying to get any other kind of job in the meantime until you earn money on Upwork if your situation is that bad.


Unfortunately, Upwork itself won't hire you. You will have to keep trying to get a client. If you haven't been able to do that, maybe start thinking about your approach and what you might be able to do to improve it.

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Hi Manoj,

I'm sorry to hear that you are struggling a lot with getting hired by clients on Upwork. I checked and was able to see that our support team has already reset your profile visibility so you will now be seen from the search results and has also shared some great tips on finding success on Upwork. Feel free to reach back out here in the Community if you have further questions regarding using Upwork.

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Still, I am not satisfied. I will try to write good proposals that win jobs. 

Can anyone please have a look at my profile and suggest me if there is something wrong or missing in my profile?

My confidence level will be low untill i got a few clients for long-term. Once I got the job i will put my 100% effort to produce the best result.

God don't ignore me,give me a chance. You created the universe. You have to take care of everything and keep your kind eye on us. . 

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That's not how this works.

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