Says Check Messages To Fix Profile - No Messages

On the my main page when I log in I am given a warning that says:


"Your profile requires changes


We've hidden your profile because it does not meet the following Upwork guidelines. You will not be able to submit proposals until these issues are fixed. Check these support messages for more details.
Please edit your profile and then resubmit for review."


The "Check These Support Messages for more details part" is highlighted and links to what are supposed to be support messages telling me what needs to be fixed on my profile. When I click the link, there are no messages. Therefore I have no idea what is wrong with my profile in order to fix it and make visible.


Can you please provide me with details on what I need to change as my profile is 100% complete.


I appreciate you looking into it. I am eager to begin on Upwork.


We're sorry for the inconvenience, Adam. Someone from the team will reach out to you via email to clarify on the issue. 

~ Avery

Your profile describes yourself and your wife as a team, which is not allowed. On an individual freelancer profile you need to concentrate on describing what you, yourself, bring to the table.


If you want to offer team services you can attach an agency to your freelancer profile and your wife can complete her own profile, and join that agency. The agency can then offer your team as a package, but neither your own, nor your wife's individual profile can do so.