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Scam Cilent for Painting Job?

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Robert R Member Since: Mar 25, 2018
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Hey Everyone, 


I thought I'd put this here as well as in the Design/Creative section:

I'm really new to Upwork, having just started applying to job this week. I was looking for painting job and got in contact with a cilent who I am now suspicious of. I'm am not sure if I am just being paranoid, but because I'm new and not sure how Upwork really works for protection (if any) I would love some advise.


The cilent wants photographs painted in oil. It looks like easy work.

The red flags are:

Her first message asked if I used Viber and then later said she only contacted her artist's (she is in contact with 8 artist's from around the world) through Viber. I said I wasn't comfortable giving out my number to which she replied "but we won't be able to work if you won't find a way to download the app soon. So we clear..." and she give an unprovoked screenshot of her Viber.


She has the United States as her county but she is contacting me at what would be around 5:00 am her time. Upwork says she is only one hour behind me but it should be more like 9 as I'm in Ireland.


Her English is not that of a native speaker. She does have an Eastern European name so maybe she moved.


Her account has 6 reviews. All from two people and another one that is greyed out.


Actually after writing all this down I think I am now pretty convinced this is a scam. I real would love the work, but I guess that is how people get scammed.


She sent me some images today and is waiting for me to tell her what I think (?). 


ANY advice would be very welcome. Thanks for reading.

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Nichola L Member Since: Mar 13, 2015
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You can communicate away from Upwork with whatever method you like, but just be a little careful. Your client already wants your opinion on images, and that IMO is work, although I am not in the same field as you at all. I would get your client to be more definite and to set up a contract via Upwork - either tracked hourly or fixed-rate with the amount funded into escrow. Do not agree to any work (such as a test) without a formal contract in place.


I would also run the job past CS given that your client appears to be lying unsure about her location.

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Maria T Member Since: Nov 12, 2015
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Hi Robert,

Well, if it looks like a scam.
Anyway, wait to see if a moderator appears who can inform you better.

A tip, delete the link to your website that you have in the presentation. It is forbidden and can give you problems.

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Robert R Member Since: Mar 25, 2018
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I've removed that link, thanks for the tip.

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Baris A Member Since: Mar 15, 2017
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Robert, if her payment method is verified and if she sends a contract through Upwork then you can contact her from any app she likes.  You can just write what you think of the images and tell her you are ready to start  working (fixed or hourly?) with the rate you told as soon as you have the contract. (If it's fixed the money should be in escrow, if it's hourly then you should use the time tracker.) Cover your bases and you won't be scammed. if you have further questions please ask here.


But first please read this:

Joanne Marie P Moderator Member Since: Nov 26, 2017
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Hi Robert,


You can report to us if you see a job or invitation that looks suspicious or inappropriate by clicking the Flag as inappropriate link located at the upper right of every job and public profile on Upwork. This sends a notification directly to Upwork, allowing us to investigate and take the appropriate measures. You can check the help article here. Please read the thread shared by Baris about tips on avoiding questionable jobs. Also, go through the guides, tutorials, courses, videos, Help articles and Community discussions compiled in this thread, designed to help new users get started on Upwork. 

~ Joanne
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Robert R Member Since: Mar 25, 2018
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Thanks for the all advice guys. I'll try to get a contract set-up with this cilent.