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Scam or real?


Hi I'm new on upwork and I received a proposal job from **edited for Community Guidelines**

I don't know if is a scam or not, because they call me for a chat on google hangout.

This is the proposal:


**edited for Community Guidelines**


thank you

Community Guru

Google Hangouts is sometimes a red flag, although I've never heard of a scam specifically looking for architects.... maybe the scammers are going niche these days!


If you're interested in the job then I don't see any reason not to pursue it. As long as you don't do any work until the project is officially awarded to you, and escrow is funded, and you don't accept any payments outside the platform (especially checks to buy stuff with)... then you should be all good!

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Unfortunately I accepted the payment by check, so I'm 'waiting' for the chek.

Now I'm worry about this..


Hi Natalia, 

Please be mindful of the Community Guidelines when posting in the community. Including names of persons or companies (or other identifying information) in an accusation of misconduct, incompetence or other wrongdoing is not allowed in the community.


Anyway, I have checked your account and have also checked if the client has an Upwork account but didn't find the client. If this client contacted you directly via Google Hangout, we have no means of verifying whether the client is legitimate or not. I would recommend that you tread lightly, because freelancing is dark and full of terrors. Smiley Wink


You may want to check out these help articles to help you work safely - 

~ Avery


I received this proposal: **edited for Community Guidelines**


and I think is a scam, I talked to him on google hangout, and he told me send to me a chek, to buy the programs and start a training.I'm waiting for the chek, but now i'm afraid this is a scam. But the person is still talking with me

Look what he told me:


**edited for Community Guidelines**

Natalia, this is a scam.  Agreeing to accept a check is against the terms of service which could get you banned from Upwork.  (Not to mention that you gave personal information to a stranger over the internet) Asking you to buy programs in order to work is also against the terms of service.


Scammers often use the names of real companies.  Flag the job post, open a ticket with CS, forget about this job and move on.


Please read everything you can about how Upwork works before you get yourself in real trouble.


Hi Natalia, 

I just merged your two posts on this thread so that we can monitor it more efficiently. After reading your second post, I will report this client to the appropriate team so that they can take actions against the client's account. Please stop communicating with this client, and I would advise that you do not encash or deposit the check to your bank account. 


Please also check out the articles I sent you on my previous post. 


UPDATE: Actions have been taken against the job post and the client account. 

~ Avery