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Hello. I was interviewed this morning and offered a job by a company claiming to be **Edited for Community Guidelines** They want to email me a check to buy software needed for the online position. I was supposed to send a portion to the vendor and then keep $100 for sign on. They said I would be paid bi-weekly. I thought that I was to be paid by upwork? Could you please advise? Thank you.

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Hi Cindy

Only Use Upwork . Its the best option to using this platform . 


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Scam and you were not hired, let alone by I***l.


Take a look at your "My Jobs" page. Nothing there, right? No job, just a fake check.



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No! Just no. First: NEVER accept any type of offer where they tell you they'll send you a check and you send back the difference, on Upwork or elsewhere. This is a common scam where you'll deposit the check and it'll bounce a few days later and you'll be on the hook for the cash you deposited PLUS whatever you already sent. 


Second, being paid off of Upwork once you start a contract on here is against your terms of service and you can get booted. They should never have asked you to do that. I recommend, reporting them because not only is it against Upwork's terms, they're probably just trying to steal your money. 

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Hi Cindy,

If you haven't already, you'll want to flag the job for us to review it by clicking on the "Flag as inappropriate" link located at the upper right of the job posting. Your instincts seem to be correct and it is true that you should always be paid on the Upwork platform by having a contract with the client on Upwork. Please check out this thread for tips on avoiding suspicious jobs and scams and staying safe and you can browse  this thread which has helpful tips and excellent resources for users just getting started on the platform.

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