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I am new to this and I am wondering how can I tell the difference between a real job offer and one that is potentally a scam. I had my first response and in the message sent by the employer is states that upwork has detected a potential problem with the content of the message or somthing to that affect. How do I know it is not spam or a scam if I click on the link for a interview via skype as the email states "to start work immediatly" 

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How did the client find you ? If the client invited you , if his payment is unverified or if the client doesn't have earlier job history , then I will say its most probably a scam . Upwork suggests that don't talk outside Upwork with client for safety . The link can be a phishing link also . 

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Community Manager

Hi Brittany, 

Note that users cannot communicate off Upwork until a contract has been set up on your account (the client sent an offer, and you accepted it). This means that you and your client should not interview through Skype, as doing will violate the Upwork Terms of Service. It would be best to visit these articles for more information on how you can keep in line with Upwork's Terms of Service when engaging on the website:

You may also want to read up on the "Safety First!" section of the freelancer resources we have compiled, these tips for avoiding questionable jobs, this Community article, and these articles for more information about working safely through Upwork. 

~ Avery
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Well... one way to know is a client on Upwork wont send you links to other networks like - skype, telegram, whatsapp..etc
because, the messaging has an integrated 'zoom meetings' feature that can be used from within UW (UpWork)
That said, have a read here on how to recognize potential scam

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The problem that upwork detected was the word skype. People trying to get you to talk on skype are 99,9% scammers.

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