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 I received an offer to review a product from an online children's shop.  The offer is from an **Edited for Community Guidelines** There is some feedback that says to read the whole description before accepting.  Has anyone worked for him? 

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Hi Margaret,

Please have a look at this thread which offers helpful tips for avoiding suspicious jobs and scams.

If a job posting does seem suspicious or appears to violate our ToS then you can flag it for us to review by clicking on the "Flag as inappropriate" link located at the upper right of the job posting. That being said, it is good advice to thoroughly read the entire description of any job on Upwork before accepting, to ensure that you are a good match to the job and will be able to successfully complete it.


You should not review any product unless you are actually provided with the product to review.  Otherwise, it's a fraudulent review.

For future reference:


No matter what kind of job it is, good or bad, legitimate or not, you are not allowed to post client's names here in the Forum.


And even if you were allowed to do so, it wouldn't matter. There are millions of clients. We don't know them all. And if a client truly is fraudulent, she will continually generate new fake names. So asking about any client by name would not be helpful.


What you CAN do is to ask about the type of work, about aspects of a job posting, about rules, about our experiences doing various types of work, etc.


You have already received some good advice about this type of job posting.


I would simply add that whether you are writing a review about a product, testing a product, photographing a product or anything else... these can be legitimate jobs. But the client must provide the product (or whatever materials are necessary) to you. Don't buy anything yourself, unless you have been (through Upwork) BEFOREHAND.


It is never a legitimate job if a client asks you to purchase things with your own money.

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