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Mary W Member Since: Nov 10, 2014
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Upwork has all your information.  Clients do not need it generally (unless you use email or telephone to communicate (which I do).)  They never need your home address, social security number, birthdate.

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Phyllis G Member Since: Sep 8, 2016
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Michael P wrote:

Excuse me for bumping an old thread but I just got a job offer from someone who did the questionnaire over Skype just like was described by the others here. They are asking me for my HOME ADDRESS and other personal information so that they can send me a letter outside Upwork (via email). Payment not verified on the original posting. That's another red flag right there. I flagged as inappropriate for violating TOS.

It's an ebook proofreading project. The other red flag is I was interviewed earlier for a similar but different job, by a different Skype user, claiming to represent the same company name. The questionnaire documents look exactly the same with both jobs. Their messages look exactly the same, as is their poor English skills. The first guy that interviewed me has been offline for "days" according to Skype software.

This might very well be a scam!

What should I do???? Should I ignore the second Skype person? I smell something very fishy!

The post you described is indeed a scam but you need to understand more about this platform. It is not a ToS violation for a client to post a job before verifying their payment method. Nor is it a red flag that they might not be honest. When you walk into a store, do you go to the checkout counter and get your credit or debit card verified before you look around and decide whether or not you are making a purchase? Payment verification does not matter until you are ready to accept a contract. Then you want to be sure the client takes care of it before you start.


I strongly encourage you to do some homework to become more familiar with how the platform works and how to stay safe as a newcomer (because newbies are targeted by scammers). When you are better informed, you will be more confident about recognizing scams (and good opportunities) and the whole endeavor will be less nerve-racking.