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Scammers on Upwork

Hello, I signal to all of you these scammers here on Upwork, I responded to their job offer on Upwork from a user named  **Edited for Community Guidelines** from Singapore about an image to pdf job offer, who told me to contact the company on telegram: **Edited for Community Guidelines**

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Thanks for reporting it here, but as of right now, many of us aren't able to flag scam posts.

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Man, these are bad scammers. Terrible English, repetitive language, no logical explanation why telegram, just bad. 

A quick picture search gives a result of a different name, still looks like a scammer though peddling some fake investment scheme. 

Yes, just very sub-par. The quality of scammers has just gone downhill, IMO. What is this world coming to?

It's just disappointing. They don't even make an effort.

Just adding my two cents - in case a mod should happen by.  I was unable to report a scam as it was "temporarily unavailable" - but anyway it is one of those typing scams: **Edited for Community Guidelines**


ETA: Oh and here is another that I was unable to report. This time it is not a scam so much as academic cheating (They all come out of the woodwork over the weekend) **Edited for Community Guidelines**



Hi Nichola,


Thanks for reporting this here. I've forwarded both job posts to the relevant team so they can review and take action accordingly.

~ Luiggi

Thanks for reporting these 2 from among the hundreds, if not thousands, that are still up because we can't flag.


Hi Anna,


Thanks for reaching out. I've forwarded your report to the relevant team so they can review it. I'd also encourage you to also check out this post by one of our Community members for the top red flags for scams.

~ Luiggi
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