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Search for jobs that are not "Freelancer Only"

That's pretty much it.

I have an agency. All of its members are exclusive freelancers.

I want to search for jobs I can tackle with my the agency.


I don't find a filter prevent "Freelancers only" job posts.

I don't find how to do so with the advanced search either.


Surely a newbie and obvious question to be resolved in the blink of an eye, hence the forum location I chose.


Any help will be most appreciated.




Hi Fran,


Just to let you know Agency owners or Staffing managers can apply jobs in behalf of their members or agency freelancers.They can initiate the application for any projects that would fit any of their members skill set and who also will be responsible for negotiations and contract agreements.




Thanks for your intentions Ryan, although your answer does not tackle my question.


I want to search for work for my agency members. I know they can do it by themselves, but even when doing so they cannot filter jobs (or yet don't know how) that are not "freelancer only".

All members of the agency are exclusive members, so jobs that are "freelancer only" are noise inside our search results.


What I want is rather simple: search for jobs to which their posters haven't switched the "freelancer only" restriction, so I'm sure those can be tackled with the agency.


Hell I'm not even sure why such results would appear when I search as an agency, or when I search as an agency's exclusive freelancer. I certainly won't be able to apply to such and will lose much precious time reviewing MANY unrelevant job posts.


Is there a way?





Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Francisco, 

Unfortunately, there is no available filter to sort "freelancer-only" or "agency-only" jobs. We've also checked with the team and it doesn't look like this feature is part of their pipeline in the near future. 

~ Avery

You can still apply for those jobs (it's a preference, not a requirement) but, as a client, I hate it when agencies do that and always reject them as "ignored instructions in job posting". But some clients may not care so much and may be open to your freelancer's application.

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