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See profiles of other bidders

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Scott V Member Since: Dec 10, 2016
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I was wondering if it was still possible to see the profiles of others who bid on jobs. When I was new on upwork, I remember being able to see the profiles of others who bid on jobs....I think you could see there actual proposal. I was wondering if Upwork still has this feature or if they did away with it?



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Joseph C Member Since: Jan 22, 2016
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They did away with it notwithstanding hundreds of posts asking them not to.

Joseph M. C. ,P.C., CPA/ABV

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Scott V Member Since: Dec 10, 2016
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Pity....that was an incredibly useful tool to have. Especially for those just getting started on Upwork. 


Thanks for the reply. 

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Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Scott,


The proposals section that displayed the list of freelancers who applied for the job has been removed earlier this year. You can find more information about it in Lena's announcement post here.

A lot of freelancers have since noted that they are more successful when they bid at the rate or budget they find appropriate and don't worry about other applicants' bids and profiles. Here is one of the more recent threads about it.

~ Valeria
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John K Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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Scott, an 'explanation' given at the time for why the feature was removed was that the number of proposals shown in the job feed would sometimes be different from the number of proposals shown after clicking the job title, and some freelancers mentioned the discrepancy in the community forum, so instead of fixing it, Upwork removed the feature. So the lesson I learned is be very careful asking Upwork to make any changes of any kind, because the cure can be worse than the disease. (And incidentally, I was NOT one of the freelancers who raised the issue of the number of proposals.)

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