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Seeking for suggestions

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Mehedi Al Hasan E Member Since: Jan 19, 2021
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Hi, I've started y freelancing journey here in Upwork recently. Already completed a project and one project is running right now. I have 6+ years of experience as a freelance Photoshop Artist and retoucher. But as I am new here, What will be your suggestions for me? How I can make a great start? I have researched and studied about rules and Terms of Upwork, But I am looking forward to getting some suggestion from experienced freelancers like you.



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Kamarudheen C Member Since: Jan 16, 2021
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Hi Mehedi Al Hasan, I think your profile looks great,  it has a good description and few works too.

1. The only thing I find to suggest is the testimony from your client, it is great that you have the 5 stars, but you have to get a good testimony by smoothly pushing your client for it, especially with a job like good payments. 


2. Another Idea I think that may work are the hourly rate, when the clients search for profiles with experts they will look for experience with a high rate, or non-experienced with a low rate, as we don't have enough experience inside Upwork, its better to chose around 10$ until we get enough works and testimonies, once you have enough works, you can Increase it.


3. Try to get testimony from outside the Upwork clients, it's super easy if they have a LinkedIn account and you still have their contact detail.


These are my thoughts., wishing good luck and successful freelancing on Upwork to you bro.



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Mehedi Al Hasan E Member Since: Jan 19, 2021
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Hi Kamarudheen C,

Thank you for giving me such a good suggestion.

I am trying to get one testimony from my non-Upwork client. Unfortunately, he has no LinkedIn Profile.

I will try with another client. Hopefully, he will help me with this.

Thanks again.