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Seeking help why the client is asking for a refund when he closed my first contract

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Monson R Member Since: Jan 4, 2019
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I need help and advice, first, my client wasn't communicable over the last month.

I always copied him every time I get responses to his contacts. now, he closed the contract, he sent me an email to provide a breakdown of my work, he requested a refund.


Of course, I've responded with the attached documents that contain the invoice and breakdown of my work. I have turned over the Trello Board that I have created for him to see the ongoing tasks that I am working on. I have not received any email response from him, I've tried to message him on Linkedin since he previously wanted me to become his Team member in there but I didn't receive a response too. I know he is happy with my contents and services but I am uncertain why he ended the contract without communicating with me.


So my Rising talent badge is now gone. Can someone help and advice, please?


I'm a bit worried.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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He is asking for a refund. That doesn't mean you should give him a refund.


If you did the work that you agreed to do, then the client has no business asking for a refund.


Maybe the client has no reason whatsoever asking for a refund other than he saw a button that said "refund" and he clicked it. Maybe he doesn't even think of you as a real person. If that's the case, that does not say very much for his character.


I would NOT try to contact him via LinkedIn or through any other means. If he wants to talk to you like an adult and explain why he is asking for a refund, he can easily do so through Upwork.


re: "my client wasn't communicable over the last month."


A month is a long time.

It does not sound to me like this client is very motivated to get his money back.

I think he just clicked a button.


You should know that the more time that goes by since a contract was closed or since you received money for work, the less likely it is that a client has any chance of getting a "refund."


Stop trying to contact the client. Ignore him and don't say yes to any of his silly button-generated "requests" for a refund. I am so unimpressed with this client. He doesn't both to explain himself because there IS no explanation for why he wants to take your money.

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Monson R Member Since: Jan 4, 2019
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Thank you for your advice, I appreciate that. What about my rising talent badge? its gone when he ended my contract. I dont have JSS score yet since i have not received feedback from my client. One of my concern too, I dont think i made anything wrong with his project because i gave 101% effort for him and I know he is happy with my service through upwork. I am Upwork Plus member and planning to submit proposals to the potential clients this week. what should I do. thank you for your prompt response.
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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Keep in mind that when the client closed the contract, he left feedback.


Whatever feedback is going to happen ALREADY happened.


Nothing about that contract needs to prevent you from submitting proposals for new work.


What should you do?

I suggested that you DO NOT agree to refund any money to that client.


Is there something else you are wondering about.


I think you should not obsess about bad client behavior. If a client behaves badly, it does not have anything to do with you. It does not mean you are responsible.