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Service fees

If a client is billed for more than $500 than the service fee educes right. But to do so do I end a contract after completing all mile-stones or do I wait for another milestone after some time?

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Hi Abdul, 


That is correct, freelancers are charged a sliding fee based on their lifetime billings with each client (across all contracts they've ever had with that client's company). Service fees are the same whether the contracts are hourly or fixed-price. Once they have earned $500 with one client their fee will be reduced to 10%. To learn more about our freelancer's fees check out this guide


It is always good to communicate with your client and discuss the terms of further engagement on the contract. If you don't expect to do any more work on the contract in the near future, you can ask the client to close it. They can always easily rehire you. 


Thank you!

~ Bojan
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