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I need to know under which  service category I can add SAT Maths and additionally how can I add more than one service

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Hi Sarkhan,

We don't have SAT Maths tutoring available as of the moment however, there are other teaching or tutoring skills available.

~ Jo-An


If there is no job for SAT Maths, then what is it **Edited for Community Guidelines**

Under which category I can find the jobs related to teaching (English basically)?

Hi Sarkhan,

I`m sorry about the confusion, we don`t have Sat Maths available as a skill at the moment. But you can chose mathematics and other skills that are closely related to your expertise.
If you have any additional questions feel free to post them here. Thank you!

~ Goran

@ Sarkhan --


The level of English that you are using in your postings here strongly suggests that you should not be offering your services as a professional instructor in English. You do not have adequate command of the language yourself.

@Janean --


I wish you met my "Maths in English" teacher in highschool. Maybe then he would start trying to teach mathematics in our language.


It is an insult what you have written

@ Sarkhan --


You wrote (without specifying to what you were referring): "It is an insult what you have written."


Just in case you were responding/referring to me, let me point out that I stated a clear and demonstrable fact. You may not find that fact at all to your liking. You probably find that fact unflattering. You likely wish that the fact I pointed out was untrue. However, truth is that quality which remains unchanged, regardless of our own personal desires.


If you find the fact that you do not have adequate command of English to be teaching it (at least at an SAT level!!) to be "insulting," then you are confusing a statement of fact with an arbitrary and malicious intent to disparage, malign, abuse, or libel you. Did you know that the one sure and certain defense to a charge of libel is "truth"? (That is a legal premise.)


Do you expect potential clients to spare your tender feelings and to pretend that your English is adequate for SAT tutoring?

You easily solved with the help of 2 postings that what is my English level. So blissful and applauding judgement. How do you even know my English level? With 2 postings. My aim is not to show my command of English with postings, because I was not even thinking about it when I made these postings. 

Additionally, I asked about SAT Math, not about SAT English. And if you think your "disparage, malign, abuse, or libel you" style - copy-pasted synonyms from thesaurus.com will help you, then you are wrong. How do you know clients will appreaciate me or not? Ah, yeah, from these 2 postings. In case, if you are joking, it is better to stop; I don't like it. 

Here is a corrected version of just a few of your sentences. Other selections would require similar red-lined corrections.


You easily solved determined/assessed with the help on the basis of 2 postings that what is [my English level[move this direct-object phrase to its proper position within the predicate: should be placed directly after the transitive verb]. So Such blissful [interesting adjective; non-standard use, but acceptable] and applauding [the adjective "applauding" makes absolutely no sense whatsoever in this context -- even as an attempt at snide or ironic usage] judgement. How do you even know my [use of the verb "know" is a bit clunky, here, but is acceptable for conversational use] English level? With On the basis of/By virtue of your reading of 2 postings. ?


Here is a corrected version of your sentences, in grammatically and idiomatically correct English:  "You easily determined the level of my English skills on the basis of two postings. What a blissful ability to judge! How could you possibly know what level of English I speak and write, based solely on my two postings?"


In answer to your question: When a writer makes repeated and obvious errors in basic grammar, idiom, and common usage, particularly errors that demonstrate (a) poor control of vocabulary and its subleties, and (b) specific linguistic structure[s] that is/are [a] "tell[s]" for non-English syntax/specific non-English languages... then it is quite clear that the writer does not have good command of native English.  res ipsa loquitur 

So that, English is formal in all cases. Is it academic writing lecture or English teaching? And I don't understand one thing: Based on your ideas, I cannot teach English in upwork, anymore?

You ask: "Based on your ideas, I cannot teach English in upwork, anymore?"


Sarkhan, based not on my "ideas," but, rather, on my professional opinion as an English teacher (certified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; years of experience) and on my professional opinion as a writer and editor (English language), you do not have adequate command of the English language to teach it.


I cannot quite decipher your comments regarding formal/academic [language]. I can tell you this, however: your postings do not qualify as "correct" even for informal English. Your language and style are very clearly ungrammatical and wrong. You write English not at a native nor even at a fluent level, but at a conversational level, just a smidge above "basic."

But you didn't answer my question. I cannot teach?

@Sarkhan:  I do not have the authority to prevent you from applying to whatever jobs you like here on Upwork. Take whatever rope you like and do with it what you like. It's your neck.

OK. Thank you very much for your advices 

@Sarkhan H wrote:

It is an insult what you have written

 I'm sure it wasn't intended as an insult. Teaching English requires a strong command of the English language. Your posts do not reflect that level of mastery. Those are just facts, with no value judgment attached.

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