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Share your success story !

After how much time after joining Upwork, you got your first project? 

I'm a proofreader but haven't got any project from Upwork till now. 

I can see relevant jobs but main problem is connects 

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It took six years to hit the $1,000,000 mark. This happened by focusing on in-demand skills and always delivering exceptional quality work to the clients. These days that means focusing on generative AI, machine learning, marketing, sales, and business strategy.

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Hi Sana.


With all due respect, perhaps you have not had much luck because there are typos in your description. I would not hire someone to edit or proofread for me if their profile had mistakes in it. 

best wishes,



Thank you for pointing out. I'll check my description again. That must be by mistake but I am glad you shared it here 

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