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Sharing My Profile Link to Social Media Handles is OK?

Hi Folks!

Is it ok to share my upwork profile link on all the social media handles?

Is it ok with the community guidlines?

Please let me know with your keen words.

I would highly appreciate your support.

Thank you
Amir Khurshid 

Amir Khurshid

Hi Amir,


Sure! Sharing your Upwork profile link on your social media account is okay. We don't oversee those platforms so we cannot limit how you use them. Also, if you're promoting your freelancer services on the internet, sharing your Upwork profile is one way to let clients outside Upwork see your work history here once you start taking in projects. You may attract non-Upwork clients and even existing clients using the platform to take a look at your profile and who knows? They might also invite you to apply for a job they posted or you can onboard them as a client here through Direct Contracts.


Just remember to set your profile visibility to public and you're good to go. Good luck!

~ AJ
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