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Should I send a proposal for a job that already has one hire?

Apparently, the client already hired someone but the job still appears in the list. The job doesn't specify that the freelancer is looking to hire more than one freelancers. Should I waste two connects on a proposal in such a case? Please see attachment

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Personally I wouldn't with so many invites, applicants and one hire, no.


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It's really up to you, Dean... All we can offer is advice.


Is it "wasting" two connects to submit a proposal?


That's less of a concern if you're not using up your connects anyway, right? You didn't pay anything for the connects, and you don't get money back for unused connects. So you might as well use them somewhere as long as you are applying to jobs you are well-qualified for.


Personally, I often hire more than one freelancer for the same job, even though I state in the job posting that I'm only hiring one. If I have a job posting that is still open, it means that I'm still hiring people for that job.


I close job postings immediately once I'm done hiring.

But other clients are more relaxed about their postings, and will leave postings up and active even though they're done hiring. There is no sure way to know which of these two types you're dealing with when you see a job posting.



Thank you for this so well-formulated answer! I was wondering if some clients have this exact approach. 


I just wanted to add that yes, I consider it a waste because I'm mainly taking into consideration small, quick turnaround projects and 70 connects per month are simply not enough, given the fierce competition in my niche.




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