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Should i send my work...

Hi! I'm new here and i have my first contract, the thing is I'm very cautious about working online, and since I don't know some things here on Upwork, i have trouble where to send my work, i ask my client and she said i can send it on message, but then i saw that in the 'All contracts' there's a button to Submit work for payment. So where should I send it? 

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Do you have a contract and a funded milestone?


Hi Kristine Joyce,


Thank you for reaching out to us here in the Community and congratulations on getting your first contract. Firstly, how it works for fixed-price contracts is your client places funds into escrow when they set up a milestone. Then, you can submit deliverables for payment once the work for the milestone is done.


When you submit a milestone deliverable, your client is able to review your work and direct us to release payment. Your client can choose to release the full amount, more, or less than the escrow deposit, or ask you for changes to the work product.


To submit your work for review:


  1. Go to the My Jobs dashboard
  2. Find the contact you wish to submit a deliverable on
  3. Click Submit Work for Payment

You may check this help article to learn more about how to get paid on a Fixed-Price Contract.


~ Arjay
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Use the submit work button. 

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