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Since I can see the client's name *after* submitting a proposal, why can't I see it before?

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Richard W Member Since: Jun 22, 2017
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Tiffany S wrote:

That greeting thing is a big mistake anyway. The client only sees the first two lines of your proposal before deciding which ones to open and review. It's generally best to get a hook into those first couple of lines rather than wasting it with a "Dear so and so" or polite greeting.

Hi Tiffany. What do you do if the client asks additional questions? I believe in that case your answer to the first question appears first, and I assume that means the two-line hook is based on your first answer, and not on your cover letter.


I try to make the first two lines of my answer into a good hook, but it can be difficult to do that AND answer the question at the same time. Any thoughts?