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I heard communicating and receiving outside upwork is violation. 


But when clients are asking Skype to communicate further before they hiring is allowed in upwork?


I attached screenshots. 


Let me know clearly, because I don’t want to anything against up work policy as I am completely depending on up work for my livelihood. 


Because if this situation client stopped messaging me (may be) What can I do in this situation? especially when clients are asking Skype id for interview purpose?


Thanks in advance!




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Thanks for sharing this link. I understand sharing in private message its not against the policy. But I tried  twise to type my skyp id in private message box. But it's not even showing. Insted I get an alert like "Upwork has detected a potential risk with the content of this message" 

What does that mean? and how can I share skyp id then?



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And I've had clients that are unable to use the video/voice messaging tool within Upwork.  They get errors on their end, probably because it is only configured for Chrome, Firefox and Opera

re: "And I've had clients that are unable to use the video/voice messaging tool within Upwork."


Video and voice communications within Upwork's messaging tool are not known to work reliably.


I have attempted to use these tools from time to time when clients wanted to try them. But I have never found them to be reliable.

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Be careful sharing ID's with anyone you dont know. That is including Skype ID's. Someone might be just doing business collecting those ID's. For the sake of customer service, if they require, let them have one, but it might be a good idea to not to share your own ID. After all, you have no idea who are you sharing that with.


With my experience, if they are genuine customers, they want to purchase something from you even without that. One good strategy is to say that yes, you can share with them, but first they need to send the actual offer with all the details. In most of the cases that will solve the situation.



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Hi Megha,

To clarify, it is not a violation of Upwork's Terms of Service to communicate off the platform through means such as Skype. However, be sure to only begin working for a client after a contract is secured through the Upwork platform that outlines the requirements and expectations of the job. Also note that being paid for work off of the platform is not allowed, and all your payments should be made on Upwork.


Thanks Nina! Its helps me

But still I face same issue. After couple of minutes I shared Skype id it turned into the message appeared below:




That means still I'm not able to share my Skype id. In this case what I do? 





Sorry that are having trouble with this. A member of the team will be reaching out to you directly to assist with this.

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