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So, is Upwork creating fake job posts?

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Sasha P Member Since: May 10, 2021
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I've had this happen quite a few times now. Someone creates a job in one or two days, contacts me about applying, and it seems very shady. I'd like to know other people's experience on this. I read somewhere Upwork was trying to make sure you got rid of your free connects.


With the way things are going on this site, I've had over 6 jobs that were supposedly "terminated for violating TOS", or they expire almost immediately. Now, I get two random messages from jobs that were just posted today and yesterday. Something is very fishy here.


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Wes C Member Since: May 3, 2019
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Sasha P wrote:

So, is Upwork creating fake job posts?


No. They are not. 


What you're describing sounds like the scammers who go after new freelancers, and it sounds like you're successfully avoiding them. They'll slow down once you get some successful jobs on your profile. 

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John K Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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Besides what Wes wrote, if you apply to a job that’s subsequently canceled by Upwork because it violated TOS, Upwork will return the connects you used although it may take a few days to happen.
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