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Someone is trying to crack my code

I had a request for a copy of my software from someone in Zambia. Shortly after I had someone from Zambia post a request to crack my code. He's a new member so he's probably signed up for just this posting.


Is there some way to have a post like this removed or have the lister blocked from using Upwork? 


Who should I contact about this? I have the job, his name and email address.





Are you trying to say that you gave a software package you created to somebody in a demo state, with the expectation that if they convert it to full-use mode, they purchase a license?


And you saw a job posting on Upwork asking for somebody to hack your license code?


Is the code not secure enough to withstand such an attempt, such that (for a dishonest person) it would seem more economically feasible to hire someone to hack the code rather than pay for the software properly? Not that you need to justify your licensing cost or technology... I'm just wondering.

Hi Preston


Thanks for your comments. That`s exactly what`s happening. Hopefully my code can`t be broken but with enough effort I guess anything can be.


The guy was offering $20 to hack it. The program costs $1995.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Wayne,


Someone from our team will follow up shortly on the ticket you recently submitted and assist you further.

~ Vladimir

Wayne, there is nothing wrong with enlisting the support of Upwork personnel, through a help desk ticket or through the Community Forum, to work on getting a job post like this removed.


You have already done that, and I wish you well in your efforts.


There is also nothing wrong with personally applying to the job yourself and politely telling the person who posted the job posting that you would be happy to assist him if he has questions about how to license the program properly, and that you are bringing in Upwork officials to help as necessary. You could note that there may be some confusion due to way he worded his posting, because he seemed to be asking for someone to hack it, which of course he would not do because that could result in his getting banned from Upwork, fined or prosecuted.

Hi Preston


Thanks again for your suggestions. Actually it was one of your other members that alerted me to this hacking request. When he let us know about this, I joined up to check it out. As I wasn't familiar with the site I posted my question to the wrong place.


I've since been in touch with the support people and I believe they have banned the guy from Zambia. He joined November 7 which was the day he first downloaded our program. He joined just to look for someone to hack the program. If he's  determined he'll probably go to another site like this.